Job Shadowing

Job shadowing is one of the most direct paths to learning about a particular health career. When you job shadow, you follow a health professional through part of their day-to-day routine. This gives students a much more detailed look at what a particular profession actually does all day.

Hands-On Experience

Even better than observing what a health professional does, is getting to do it yourself! AHEC offers a wide variety of ways to get hands-on experience practicing actual procedures. Workshops and summer camps are the primary way students can receive practical training. These events are held throughout the year, but are different each year.Procedures include things like giving shots, giving stitches, drawing blood, inserting breathing tubes and more!

Professional Exposure

A huge part of advancing any career is professional exposure. It is even more important when building a career in the health professions. AHEC gives students unprecedented access to health professionals throughout the system. Participating in AHEC events helps students find mentors and build relationships with practicing professionals. Growing your professional network early in your career is vital to achieving your longterm goals

Finding A Program

After a student figures out what area of health care they are interested in studying, they have to find the right program. Different programs have different requirements. So how does a student know which degree or program is best for reaching their goals? They get connected with Mid-MO AHEC, that’s how! AHEC is connected with almost every health profession and medical school in the country. If we can’t get a student connected to the right school then no one can!